Urbino is indeed an enchanted city with a magical atmosphere. Lying on two hills, nestled in the green hills of the Marche region, Urbino is a beautiful Renaissance city that has retained all its splendor. The enchanted palace – as Carlo Bo describes the ducal palace of Urbino – is the symbol of this city where you can feel the spirit of its history.

Urbino is a very ancient city, its earliest settlements dating back to the fourth century b.c. The city owes its name to the Romans, who invaded and conquered the whole Marche region and named the city Urvinum Metaurense

 The historic atmosphere, the colours of a bountiful land that stretch from the Apennine mountains  to the Adriatic sea, the unique charm of an extraordinary concentration of artistic masterpieces, the full bodied flavours and aromas of its cuisine, it is easy to understand why people want to visit and come back to this beautiful region. Urbino and its region are one of Italy’s most spectacular and hidden wonders; it embodies a lifestyle, a way of thinking, the promise of hospitality fulfilled.

Urbino, the heart of the Renaissance, with its stunning and elegant duchy, and Montefeltro, the ancient region of a hundred castles and of a landscape, sometimes gentle and often so harsh that they may appear mysteriously wild. This exceptionally rich and varied land, with its new, and at the same time, ancient culture of hospitality, offers a unique experience tailored to meet individual expectations and needs, choose a different pace and atmosphere, quiet or exciting depending on your mood.

Urbino is not all about history and art. It retains all its ancient flavor, the charm of a place seemingly untouched by time and at the same time it is a lively, culturally active and young university city, also thanks to its five hundred years old University, its Art Academy, its post-graduate schools and the numerous cultural events that take place during the year. It is a human-scale city, where everything is within walking distance and it is easy to meet people, a city where the square and the center streets provide the ideal setting in which to live and study

 Traditional Urbino cuisine is simple and wholesome and the local recipes are full of pleasant surprises and tasty temptations.

 urbino-panorama-centro-storicoUrbino and its region offer a unique combination of culture and landscape, of human and natural environment. Ducal palaces and courts, perfectly preserved or evocative ruined fortresses and castles, abbeys, monasteries, hermitages but also libraries, theatres, outstanding museums and galleries that make Urbinos region a land of art and culture. The landscape and nature of the Urbino region, with its sweeping hills, beautiful woods and lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. The exceptional scenic viewpoints and the Sasso di Simone natural park, provide an ideal setting for Urbino’s unique artistic heritage. This land is magically set in a painting that captures the history and the richness of a region: the mountains, the hills, the plains, the coastline, the sea.