Pale Mountains “during the day, fire red sunset, then purple at dusk, before it goes out at night. In the colors of the Dolomites dipped his pen some of the greatest poets of all time.

After the interest of scientists was the turn of the artists. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe left spellbound during his Grand Tour in Italy, in 1786. Easy to imagine how the enrosadira – the phenomenon whereby some peaks of the Dolomites, take on a reddish-purple color at sunrise and sunset – has fired the imagination of the souls of poets at the mercy of the Drang Sturm und “– “the storm and momentum. “Or the romantic in those years cruising in Europe gripped by worry and passion for nature. The 18 highest peaks over 3,000 meters, among which is considered the highest of all the Marmolada (that Constitution would not be common with others). Hundreds and hundreds of peaks, ridges, which are highlighted in several mountain ranges, through a vast territory and which affects 5 provinces: Belluno, the largest, Bolzano, Trento, Udine and Pordenone.

Why the Dolomites are beautiful? What is the secret of its special charm? “They are recognized as one of the most beautiful mountains on Earth, to be regarded as a universal benchmark of beauty. Its intrinsic beauty is derived from a variety “of spectacular vertical forms as pinnacles, needles and towers, unlike horizontal surfaces as ledges, cliffs and plateaus. A great diversity ‘color’ in the contrast between the pale bare rocks and forests of the fields below.

This celebrity has made extraordinary by the Dolomites, icons of the mountain and its unique beauty is so obvious that no one needs to ask why are considered beautiful, the fact is very obvious. They are not only exceptionally beautiful, but so are so unique, mysterious and almost inevitable, so say the opposite, it seems incomprehensible and meaningless. However, asked why of things is still the most effective knowledge we have.

The Dolomites in winter: The magic of white that covers the forest, high mountain meadows and peaks, creeps renewable energy through the rock, each winter, the excitement of the Dolomites to the joy and wonder of man. The joy as if for the first time. Surprising as the child with the first snow. Summer is the time of maximum splendor of nature. It is an explosion of color and vitality that awakens the desire to know, to move, to explore. And the beauty of the Dolomites in bloom, with the complicity of the long days of summer, is ideal for all outdoor activities, and in fact appears even more encouraging.