Another place to visit during the winter for those who love the mountains and skiing, Mont Blanc are Courmayeur, Valle d’Aosta

 Courmayeur is a modern alpine village known throughout the world and one of the resorts most popular mountain in Italy, offers a first class reception: a seventy of options for more than 3000 beds, apartments for rent, ninety between restaurants and Pizza besides coffee, beer gardens, disco, piano bar and a modern gym. And is the capital of winter sports from over half a century, offers fans the priceless opportunity to directly ski on the slopes of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe.

In the enchanting scenery of these mountains as well as skiing, you can find plenty of activities to do to make your dream vacation that can impress and give them a cocktail of unforgettable emotions. Here are some suggestions for an original journey and adventure: The Cable Car Trans Mont Blanc Mont Blanc – The magic of a trip by cable between Italy and France. Crossing the Mont Blanc is an unforgettable journey that follows the movements of the earth that rises into the sky. It is an opportunity available to all (provided there are no health problems which militate against visiting high altitude), since it includes large stretches on foot. 5 lifts and 1 gondola take passengers from Italy to France to discover the two slopes of Mont Blanc, in a thrilling sequence of stretches suspended over glaciers and breathtaking scenery.

Glider: gliders. Pat wind power in heaven Aosta: This is a slow and elegant promenade stretches alternating with straight up and it uses the following types of flight: the flight heat, which is made by spiral scrolls along the body the warm currents, the dynamic flight (which relies on the wind flow to reach require slopes climb to surmount) and most complicated flight wave surfing is done on the oscillating motion of the air passing through of the “comb” of mountain ranges.

Balloon Flights, Balloon: walking through the clouds at the height of the great mountains-Balloon provides a very particular feeling that is sometimes compared to the dream of being suspended above the clouds that we have all experienced at least once in the world of fantasy. Among the various routes available, highlight the flight departing from Aosta, a guidebook that explains the corners, views and historical profiles of the capital, and flying in the shadow of the spectacular Mont Blanc, with toast on high and photo service commissioned to celebrate the union between visual suggestions and aromatic classes of three wines.