January and February are ideal months to visit art exhibitions and shopping with great discounts in the Italian capital.

To enjoy their leisure time in these winter months we recommend a visit to the Eternal City. Once in Rome you can enjoy the variety of cultural offerings and proposals offered by this City.

Magica italia las excelencias de italiaFor those who love art, scheduled in January two exhibitions in the capital until 17 January “The painting of an Empire” on the teams of the Quirinale, or residence of the president of the republic, until January 24 The Borghese Gallery, to mark the fourth centenary of the death of Caravaggio, he devotes a tribute and exhibits, along with his masterpieces, twenty oil paintings by one of the most famous artists of the second half of the twentieth century: Francis Bacon, which is celebrates the centenary of his birth.

It takes advantage of the proximity of the Galleria Borghese to visit the Piazza Barberini and Via Veneto, famous for being the place where the movie is surrounded by Fellini, La Dolce Vita, be used also to make a small break in one of many local famous Via Veneto for a Happy Hour (brief snack) or a Caffè, not only frequented by tourists but also by the Romans themselves, here is very fashionable to go to happy hour at the start of the workday, if prefer fun, there are also local suggestive, recently opened and very fashionable for dancing.

If the requirement is to renew your clothes then until the 12th of February, we suggest visiting the town of Valmontone, some 45 km outside the capital, very well connected with bus service from the central Termini train station, there find a small city devoted to shopping, with big names in Italian fashion where you can find deep discounts on clothing and shoes.