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Famous for its wonderful natural beauty, deep-rooted history, mild climate and bright landscape, the island is one of the most popular tourist destinations.  Residence of emperors and inspiration of many famous artists, poets and writers, the island still exudes an unmatched charm. The blend of nature, art, culture, social life, make it the most celebrated and dreamed of the islands. Some of the main features of the island include the following: the Marina Piccola (the little harbour), the Belvedere of Tragara (a high panoramic promenade lined with villas), the limestone crags called sea stacks that project above the sea (the Faraglioni), the town ofAnacapri, the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), and the ruins of the Imperial Roman villas.

Capri is part of the region of CampaniaProvince of Naples. The town of Capri is the island’s main population centre. The island has two harbours, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande (the main port of the island). The separate comune of Anacapri is located high on the hills to the west.

You can reach Capri by boat from Salerno, Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. During the summer there is ferry transportation from the port of Agropoli to Capri. Offer 3 nights in a 3 star hotel you can visit Capri and Pompeii, Sorrento, € 195.00 for 2 people. Other information in this blog.




Famous at the global level, the excavations of Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world, along with that of Herculaneum, capable of returning visitors a Roman town, whose life has remained firm to a distant morning in 79 AD, an era from which the Vesuvius decided to cancel by earth orbit.
The town owes its exceptional state of preservation the way in which it was buried. Tonnes of ash, pumice have covered under a layer of over 6 meters preserve it the same time, by most offenses of time. The same pyroclastic materials, united around invested bodies, have kept the mark, allowing archaeologists to refound in attitudes as a result of short but atrocious fears.

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The ancient Elea-Velia was born around the year 540 B.C., thanks to the exiles coming from the Greek city of Focea, today’s Turkey; in 88 B.C. it became a Roman municipium. The city occupies an area of about 90 hectares and it was organized in various quarters connected by roads, passages and doors. Significant traces of the archaic city remain on the Acropolis, represented by various houses; soon after, the Acropolis became a simple place of cult, a sanctuary, maybe, of Athena and other housings were created on the slopes and terraces of the hill. To the two quarters, the southern and the northern, corresponded two harbours that had different functions. The theatre on the Acropolis and a small thermal building in the small valley, date back to the III century. Along the ridge of the acropolis on the western walls, places of cults, altars and some votive stones show the cult of Poseidon, Zeus, Asclepius, Athena, Demeter, Era and Persephone. Two thermal complexes, the cryptoportico, a public building built in the I century B.C., maybe the venue of the medical school or a gymnasium, are of the Roman period.

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Cilento e Vallo di Diano National Park is the second largest park in Italy. A wonderful place to spend days hiking and exploring the scenic beauty of this nation treasure. The extraordinary natural richness of the heterogeneous territory goes hand in hand with the mythical and mysterious character of a land rich in history and culture. The mountains join the sea, beautiful landscapes mix with the fragrant smell of wild plants, and people come together to enjoy the incredible food and wine of these parts. To Castellabate holidays.

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